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The REC Finance Committee is a combination of professional partners supporting a group of volunteers. It reduces costs and develops skills in financial administration.

The mission of the FCM is to ensure proper documentation has been provided as to receipts and how they are coded for Xero.

Meetings are Meetings
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Moving Forward

We have implemented a new level of presentation and transparency for the community, bank accounts line by line are also in the spend of their card. Every second month the data is updated, so everyone can see a running tally.

Bank Balances

Each quarter when the BAS statements are prepred a complete Balance Sheet for ALL the Accounts will published.

Dealing with the past

Current project - There is always good discussion about what happens to commuity money, how transparent are the systems and how accoutnable are people for their spned. Work out an appropraite way historical data can be released to the broader community for review.

Request Reports

Request a financial report Link  

We produce reports which are listed here.

Payments, Reimbursements

This is where we are currently grateful for whatever time people can put into Red Earth City and Burning Seed, at the moment the community is well enough resoucred to ensure you are not out of pocket as well.

Payment Request - Link

Making Payment  - Link

Transaction Upload - Link





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