Communuty Collaboration
Over time many models give way to a traditional commercial event model complete with hierarchy chart with all the strengths and weaknesses it inherently contains. Ultimately leading too few doing too much resulting in a call for financial compensation. Sometimes documentation is locked away from the community it is mean't to serve, our language becomes about position and hierarchy, Leaders, 2nd in charge.

We begin using the language pattern that encourages single leaders with multiple followers. It's the default since we were born, No learnings here.

Now is the time to reset, go back to a blank canvas, create new visions and have fun working out how we want to go about it.

Exploring the modalities and processes in making it happen in a more rewarding way

We have no president, there is no single point of failure

If we were a commercial event, if we were profit driven, if we were the army, then hierarchy has its role, we are none of those and we share little of their motivation other than to be good at what we do.

What are we looking to create?

There are many different views of what sort of a community people want to exist in and this approach can apply equally too many different models.

I believe our goal is to create experiences both in the area of content and in the area of process

What processes and models do we put in place to invert the “Less people doing more” to “More people doing Less”

A Single Leader is a single point of failure when multiple Facilitators approach offers resilience to a community  

Just because someone is titled a facilitator does not mean others will not view them as a sort of leader. It is human nature to do so, this time though those they identify as leader are the ones focused on enabling them to do their task.

Communities should always be working towards increasing resilience. Resilience is built through many things. One of the key points is to foster multiple redundancy wherever you can. This again applies to the language about roles.

Positions have been replaced by roles - Have fun in  the role you performing in the Burning Seed production. We are all playing roles, even if it’s just to smile and clap.

The Crew

The Crew consists of Multiple teams 

A Team consists of Multiple Members

A Member of a team has single or multiple Roles, each role documented for reference

Some members are Facilitators within a team because of their experience and credentialed access.

The role of Facilitators is to ensure each member of the team is able to do the task entrusted to them. 

A group of facilitators convey and receive messages from facilitators of other teams

Organisational Image

Find like minds

Teams evolve, people come and go and come back again. Pick up your role when you are confident, wait, no rush, sometimes it takes a year for enough critical mass to be coherent as a team to be able to manifest a project of size


Red Earth City is an Australian Burning Man Organisation officially affiliated with the Burning Man Project's Regional Network.
Formed from Red Earth City Pty Ltd.
ABN 72 141 969 226
Registered Office: 4/71 King St, Newcastle, NSW 2300
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